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M socket messenger
This is an application uses Web Socket ( technology to create a person to person(s) instant messenger web app. The frontend is powered by React, Redux, client. The server is a NodeJS Express server, using MongoDB and Passport for creating an account.
M•Socket GitHub
Sticky Note
I wanted to create an application that seemed liked post it notes. I love using post it notes in my work to orient myself on a project but I always find that they are easily lost and usually in one place. Making this application solved having my notes saved to the cloud so I can have access to our post it notes.
Sticky Note GitHub
UX Design Kit
With this web application, you can save a website as a bookmark to a list and add your own titles and/or descriptions.
Simple Bookmark GitHub
UX Design Kit
I created this WordPress website for a printable guide to understanding ux design. Created by Noel Saw, David Nguyen, and Shri Jambekhar. UX Design Kit is an all-in-one User Experience process workbook.
UX Design Kit

About Me

Hello, it's good to meet you!

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Journey to Programming

I'm a Brooklyn, NY, transplant who moved to Los Angeles, CA to be a part of the tech industry. My goal is to change the world the way that California tech companies have been changing the world with their software innovations.

I'm a software engineer with UX & UI design experience. At the moment I use a MERN stack for most of my projects. I am also learning React Native and Unity Game Engine so I can make apps for iOS and Android operating systems.

In college, I studied fine art and digital design. In the planning stages of a project, I find my art skills are useful to communicate my design ideas on paper or white board.

Dynamo Designs

Full-Stack developer

A business name created and owned by myself for web development purposes. I utilize Amazon DynamoDB flexible NoSQL database services for consultations and full-stack contract work.

Verizon Wireless

Contract Frontend Web Developer

Created responsive marquees, web pages and banners with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Adobe Experience Manager for B2C and B2B customers. Utilized JSON to connect Verizon’s database of phones and prices to customer facing sales pages. Debugged defective post-launch web pages for Verizon’s campaigns.


Web Designer

User Experience Designer, and WordPress Web Designer. Duties include creating user journeys, personas, and wireframes with Adobe Illustrator for Neochrome’s clients. Set up and maintain content on multiple WordPress-powered sites. Assist with projects and managing them with Basecamp, and Trello.